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Course Curriculum

LESSON 1     Introduction 

LESSON 2     Trading Ranges

LESSON 3      Pips (Price Interest Points)

LESSON 4      Lot sizes

LESSON 5      Brokers & Charting Tools

LESSON 6      Forex Order Types

LESSON 1      Support & Resistance

LESSON 2     Trendlines

LESSON 3      Candlestick Formations

LESSON 4      Fractal low & Fractal High

LESSON 5      Time Frames

LESSON 1     ABCD Swing

LESSON 2     Fibonacci

LESSON 3      Market Reversals & Patterns

LESSON 4      Pennants & Ranges

LESSON 5      Pivot Points

LESSON 1     Fundamental  Characteristics of Currencies

LESSON 2     Strength of Currencies

LESSON 3     Fundamentally Driven Price Patterns

LESSON 4     Fundamental News and Announcements


LESSON 1    Equity Management Trade Plan

LESSON 2    Risk Reward Formula for the Preservation of Capital

LESSON 3    Technical Level of Stop Loss

LESSON 4     Psychology of Successful Trading

LESSON 5      Cost Average Equity Formula


LESSON 1    Dynamic Zone Day Trading Strategy

LESSON 2   London Open Strategy

LESSON 3   Auto Trend Trading Strategy

LESSON 4    Swing Trading Strategy

LESSON 5    Trailing Scalper Strategy

LESSON 6    Fundamental Trading Strategy



Get a solid enrichment in your Forex Education loaded with time-tested educational video modules, live demostrations, packed full of insight from professionals in the field.

trade plan

You will learn to treat trading forex as a business. Guidelines for a written trade plan will be explained in detail in our smart business plan process to set your goals for months and years.


Before you go live with a real account, step by step methods will be revealed for each trading strategy for you to practice the trade plans in a demo account. Once you have built confidence with a strategy its time for you to shoot your real trades in a real acccount.


All our trading strategies are tested and proven. Trade history and return of profits are showcased before any trading strategies are revealed to you. Our success formula have maintained more than 70% of winning trades.

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